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The update of the 2009/2010 Land Cover Map of the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) Project is considered as a core activity of Information and Knowledge Management Programme (IKMP) of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat. The outcome of the project will provide a significant amount of core geospatial data and information to support to MRC programmes as well as NMCs and national line agencies in term of GIS analysis, mapping, modeling and decision making throughout different planning processes at national as well as regional levels.

A lack of essential up to date data and information on land cover information in the LMB is one of the major constraints for environmental study/research, water resource planning and the management of floodplains, including for GIS analysis and modeling purposes and the hydrological and climate change study and assessment for Mekong River Basin. Therefore, these data and information are major importance for us as whole.

As our expectation, there are three types of land cover dataset for 2009/2010 such as Wet and Dry season and the annual (combined) LC datasets will be produced. The classification types have been designed as 19 types of single class and 7 types for super class. This classification types have been designed by using FAO-LCCS.  To support this endeavor, time series Landsat 5 images needs to be purchased. To ensure the quality and reliability of the land cover classification, the ground truth (Field data collection) therefore needs to be conducted. Field data collection has been designed to focus on two main aspects such as hotspot (55%) and non-hotspot (45%) area.

The overall objective of the field data collection for the land cover 2009 project is “to provide good baseline information for producing an updated and qualified land cover dataset and land cover information catalogue for the Lower-Mekong Basin. This data and information will support to national planners, policy makers, MRC programmes and research institutions for the sustainable management and development of water resources in the Lower Mekong Basin”.

Project Outcomes

The activities will result in the following outputs:

Land cover classification in 2009 is developed and updated.

  • Land cover dataset in 2009/2010 for Dry Season
  • Land cover dataset in 2009/2010 for Wet Season
  • Land cover dataset in 2009/2010 for Annual dataset is generated (Combined dataset)

Project Objectives

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • To improve and update the land cover (LC) dataset of the LMB countries for year 2009-2010.
  • To update and standardize information of the land cover in each of the four member countries of the LMB;
  • To improve our understanding of land cover types/classes characteristics in the LMB for further improvement of MRC dataset, planning and modeling;
  • To integrate ground based approach attached with the remote sensing image classification technique to improve reliability and logical consistency of the outcome land cover related products.
  • To ensure land cover product is quality controlled/assured, stored, catalogued and made available to data users;

Scope of Work

Under the Implementation Plan (IP), CNMC through the line agency/national experts are required to survey, collect, verify, compile and analyze land cover information. The milestone of the report is the final step of the image interpretation and classification for the Land Cover Mapping product. It is the process of data preparation, interpretation and validation by using the accuracy assessment guideline from IKMP. Cambodia expert team only working only inside the Cambodia boundary of Lower Mekong Basine area.

Work Area Project

Geographic Distribution

The geographic area of the project consists of the 606,000 of the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB). Total population is almost 60 million who live depend on aquatic resources. The project interventions mainly focus on gauging station, and other area of the mainstream, tributaries, dam sites and rock removal sites in the LMB


Results of Field Data Collection :

Results of Field Data Collection :

Results of Land Cover 2009-2010 :

Executive Summary Results

The first official existing land cover data of Cambodia published seen 2002 and the data was revised to consistent and standard with other MC members’ data by MRCS and publish in 2003. The new LMB land cover 2009-2010 mapping project has been lunch in 2011 and conduct implementation the project such field data collection in 2012 and classification end of 2013 until Jun 2014. This the first of land cover data product has been used Object Base Classification technique within standard land cover class for all member country of MRCS. And this data is the last update land cover data within 19 land cover types in 2009-2010 for Cambodia.

As the results we was found that to apply atmospheric correction for the first data input/Landsat data for generate segmentation from object is very important to help and improve the quality of land cover product. To conduct manual interpretation classification assign LCCS class in MadCAT software provide better, quick and avoid error of data better than using ArcGIS desktop. Even many problem happen when processing used MadCAT but it’s still good enough and fast cutting time for our team.

There are four products has been completed within the report such as 1). Dry Season land cover data 2). Wet Season land cover data 3). 1 Kilometer buffer data around Cambodia Lower Mekong Basin boundary 4). Statistic information from accuracy assessment and land cover type.

All in all, the update land cover data are very important for support decision making and planning. And base on the request and suggestion from PC from Las and also base on lack of updating land cover data in Cambodia. The new propose Land cover 2013-2014 project  need to be consider the inside and outside LMB boundary for cover the whole Cambodia boundary and also use to support to MRC modeler  team for modeling activities and other purposes.