CNMC Data and Information Portal

CNMC Master Catalogues is collections of different kinds of data / information together with their metadata from CNMC Programs, projects and line agency, these encompass of geo-spatial (GIS) datasets, satellite imageries, topographic atlas, relational databases, time-series hydro-meteorology data, knowledge base, library catalogues, photos, Multi-media, technical documents/reports, and etc. All these kinds of data/information have been stored and maintained in a database management system on the server storages. The metadata have been made available for online searches either by using Web Portal search engine even any Internet search engines such as Google. From a metadata hit list, users might collect the items he/she wishes to download for the data contents/files, and this has to go through authentication and CNMC license agreement procedures.

Master Catalogue

CNMC centralized database management system and gateway for data exploration, sharing and download.

Flood Monitoring & Forecasting

Near real-time Mekong river Flood monitoring and forecasts information which link with MRC flood monitoring and forecasting system.

Water Quality Monitoring

MRC Water Quality Monitoring Network includes 12 permanent monitoring stations. It provides information on water quality parameters observed by MRC member countries.

Hydrology & River Monitoring

This site provides real-time water level monitoring service where telemetry hydromet stations and their status are presented on maps.

Climate Change and Adaptation

MRC works to better understand how people in the Mekong River Basin can adapt to a changing climate.

River - Bio

The Mekong basin is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world. Recent estimates of the greater Mekong region’s bio data include approximately 20,000 plant species, 430 mammal species, 1,200 bird species, 800 reptile and amphibian species, and 850 fish species, with new species still being discovered.


The spatial distribution of drought relevant data is presented on maps.


The E-library provides online documentations search engines. All hard copy available book and publications of CNMC can be searched and downloaded from this site. 
Web map Service

The web map services serving as web based mapping tools to support the publication of geospatial information and dataset in the web-based system. The WMS is also help the users to explore interactive thematic map information in various scales, various dataset and provide tools for data and information queries with advance search engines. CNMC manages a range of data and information including time-series data, spatial data and non-spatial data, which supports the CNMC core functions, Line Agency, and other stakeholders. Using Google Maps, the CNMC is developing a series of interactive maps to introduce selected CNMC datasets in a user friendly way.

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