Agriculture & Irrigation


About AIP

Agriculture and Irrigation Program (AIP) 2011-2015 aims to manage the sustainable development of water resources in agriculture, which is the part to improve the people's living standards improve and lead to poverty reduction. To optimize irrigation is necessary to ensure the use of water for agricultural development as well as development in other sectors and continue to drive the implementation, focusing on planning irrigation on the management and allocation of water in the region as well as issues passports.


The achivement of agriculture and irrigation programs implementation from 2011 to 2015 are:

  1. Technical Capacity Review of the Irrigation Sector (Cambodia Report Review of research topics in the area of irrigation engineering).

  2. Report on Capacity Needs Assessments and Developing Capacity Building Plan for IWRM in the Agriculture and Irrigation Sectors.

  3. Annual Report Ground Water Study in Cambodia.

  4. Report on Work plan to assess the conditions necessary to achieve the long-term food security and poverty reduction in the LMB.  

For more information can be contacted at CNMC Data Manager 


Ground water analysis

Works to better understand.

Field practice for irrigation

Irrigation Channel.

Punley Irrigation sub project in Bunteymeanchey province

The water sharing channel.

Spillway (l=750m) Steung Chinit Kampong Thmor, Kampong Thom Province

Water stock for irrigation