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The Cambodia National Mekong Committee (CNMC) is the national institution executing under direct supervision of the Royal Government of Cambodia, for coordinating the management, preservation, conservation and development of water and other related resources in the Mekong River Basin. To fulfill the above mission, CNMC has to manage and provide data and information services related to projects and programs activities within the Mekong River Basin in cooperation with the national line agencies, regional initiative, development partners and Mekong stakeholders; in order to implement the five procedures (PWQ, PMFM, PWUM, PDIES, and PNPCA) for national and regional cooperation, sustainable development, Mutual understanding, and benefit sharing. 

CNMC is currently establishing the national centralize database management system to store, manage, publish and make accessibility of those available data and information through a National Data and Information Portal which comprise of providing near real-time, time series and existing achieved data such as water level monitoring; water quality monitoring and fisheries information etc through an online system.

The CNMC-IS Data and Information Portal (will be referred as CNMC Portal from here onwards) provides a summary of CNMC's services and enables direct access, including to real-time information and downloadable data.

CNMC provides real-time information services such as Water Level Monitoring and other services that involve annual updates, the Water Quality Monitoring and Fisheries Information. Each of the core CNMC Information Services are described with direct links to access real-time and offline data and information. 

Using MRC atlases of the Mekong River Basin represent a unique and valuable source of information for researchers and the general public who are interested in the basin's history and development. 

Using Google Maps, the CNMC has developed a series of interactive maps to introduce selected CNMC datasets in a user friendly way. The maps are based on the quality assured geographic and time series data stored and documented in the CNMC Master Catalogue.

CNMC's video is delivered through our YouTube Channel, including video of events, meetings, and our monitoring programme and project activities.  CNMC's photography collection represents a unique and valuable source of information on the natural and human environment in the Mekong River basin.